Monday, February 15, 2010

"Best for last"

Nearly three years ago I wrote the story of Natalie's adoption, mainly the day I called the Best and Worst Day of my Life. I'd never been happier, or more heartbroken.

In my arms, at last.

It was May 17, 2005 in Nanchang, China, Natalie's first birthday, the day her adoption was finalized, and the day her father and I were told she'd never walk. The adoption agency made an offer: Did we want to exchange her for a healthy baby?

In May 2007 I sent the story to The New York Times, and it was published in the Modern Love column on Mother's Day.

Afterward I heard from hundreds of people around the world. Mothers, fathers, people who had been adopted and people who had nothing to do with adoption. It was amazing. A really lovely experience.

Yesterday, a Facebook friend posted a link on my page. It was a Valentine's Day Modern Love column, written by Modern Love editor Daniel Jones. In it he answers questions about love, the last one being, "What is love, anyway?"

"Ah, best for last," he writes. And then he tells my story. You can read his piece here.

I normally read Modern Love every Sunday. But yesterday I didn't because I was rollerskating - with the baby who was never going to walk. What a Valentine's Day. What a gift.

Here's the original story.

The morning after an agonizing night. Everything was different, but nothing had changed.


  1. Love.
    Love it.
    (And yes, I'm procrastinating.)

  2. Wow, what a great story. You are an amazing mother.