Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day love

At first when Natalie started kindergarten I thought her teacher Mrs. Solomon was a little intense. There was a syllabus every week, with vocabulary words and a homework assignment and notes to the parents about what was happening in class.

I resisted at first. I didn't believe in homework for kindergarteners. But now my child, who used to hide behind me and refuse to speak or look at anyone, is reading, writing stories, and reading to the class! She is becoming the girl to everyone else that I always knew her to be.

So now I am a Mrs. Solomon devotee. And this week I was delighted to find the following in this week's syllabus.


1. Be a great listener for your mom.
2. Help your mom with chores around the house.
3. Give your mom a hug.
4. Give your mom a back rub.
5. Give your mom more hugs and kisses.

She gets it. Oh does she get it.

Yesterday when I picked up Natalie, she asked for my purse and my keys.

"Why, honey?"

"Because it's almost Mother's Day. I want to help Mama." And she leaned forward under the weight of my purse like a sled dog straining on his line.

This morning, she climbed into bed and rubbed my back.

I read recently that the benefits people get from a vacation are mostly in the months and weeks leading up to trip. It's the planning and thinking about the enjoyment to come that makes people most happy.

I'm feeling the same about Mother's Day, which happens to be my favorite day of the year. All the love and attention and feeling so special without having to think, like I do on my birthday: I'm ^%$#@! 37 and what have I done with my life???

Yes, Mother's Day is grand.


  1. "She is becoming the girl to everyone else that I always knew her to be."

    You're a lovely writer and a mother worthy of all of the love N gives you.


  2. Mrs. Solomon is awesome and Natalie is a gift.