Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something new

The other day on the way to my spin class I passed a room of little girls in pink leotards, tights and ballet slippers, following their teacher, also in pink, around the room.

And I thought: I must enroll Natalie!

And then: Maybe there's a ballet class for me! I took ballet as a child, and then later as an adult. But now? I realized that would be too Zelda Fitzgerald.

So I kept walking.

Still, I'm thinking it'd be so nice to take a new class. Photography? History? Writing?

Once I took a short story writing class and I wrote an awful story about a young, distracted wife of a deployed soldier who mows down a homeless man collecting cans on her street. It was my first and last foray into fiction. Yet it wasn't all for naught. I met my amazing friends Betsy and Jean in that class.

The thing is, I need new.

I'm reading Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project," and she says that people are happiest when they are learning something new. How true!

So I'm on the hunt. And you, my 11 readers? Any classes you've taken that you really liked?


  1. ceramics class at the local art center was one of my favorite experiments. everyone got a misshapen bowl/mug for christmas that year.

    i do beginning ballet for adults and it's a lot of fun. much harder than it was when i was 5, that's for sure. but i feel just as pretty in the leotard and wrap skirt.

  2. Just took a B&W film photography class. I know City College just opened it's brand spanking new building so everything should be squeeky clean! I loved getting back to the basics.

  3. I'm looking into some special event planning courses online to help with my work at the adoption org. :)

  4. This is very belated, and maybe you're already halfway to fluency in Esperanto or a ceramic pro, but if you still want a class, allow me to recommend tango! I think we've talked about this, and if you're ever up for a night o' dancing with T and Mr. A, I think it would be really fun!