Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Natalie’s tooth fell out the other night. Actually, I yanked it out.

She cried on and off all night, begging me to pull it. I think it was driving her crazy.

“It’s not ready to come out,” I told her.

“Please Mama. Check again.”

So after her bath, when I dry her and hug her and comb her and lotion her up – oh how I love this time of day – I reached in and pulled that sucker out. It resisted at first and I cringe typing this, but then I felt the tearing release of gum and fleshy strands holding it there (more cringing) and in an instant blood was welling in the little hole where the tooth had been.

She was wide-eyed and grinning. And relieved.

Later, in bed, the tooth in a baggie under her pillow, she asked: “Is the Tooth Fairy real?”

My heart sank a little. I thought about being her age when some punky classmate told me there was no Santa.

“Of course she’s real.”

“Mama saw her?”

“Yes, but not when I was a little girl. I was a grown up lady, but not a mother yet.”

“Mama tell the story?”

And so I told her how one night I happened to be looking out my window and saw what I thought was a star. But it was moving, closer and closer to the Earth, until finally it came down to a neighboring house – and stopped at the window to a bedroom where a little girl slept.

I saw then it was a fairy, about the size of Tinkerbell, and she slipped through the window into the room. And behind the drawn curtains I could see the light dancing for a moment or two. Then, the fairy was back outside the window and flew off as fast as she had come, back up into the sky, disappearing into the stars.

Natalie seemed satisfied. The next morning, at 5, she called from her room, waking me from a dream.

“Mama! “ she yelled through the dark. “The Tooth Fairy came!”


  1. I wish I hadn't been eating lunch when I read this! Ha! I can still remember that gross feeling of a tooth hanging on by just a fleshy strand, as you so aptly wrote. I still have nightmares about my teeth falling out.

  2. Elizabeth, I'm glad that you were able to successfully pull out your daughter's tooth and relieve her from all the pain that she was feeling during that time. Usually, tooth extraction are done by dentists. In Columbia, SC and other parts of the country, children are usually overjoyed to get the reward from the tooth fairy.

    Similarly, our daughter Sarah, had her tooth removed last month. She was so excited to place her tooth underneath her pillow. She was not disappointed because she was able to get 2 dollars the morning after.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!