Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking good, Antonio

Living with a man means being embarrassed sometimes. Sorry, but it's true.

Like when your guy goes outside to take the trash down to the street and he's dressed in long johns and a down parka. Or when he dresses for a walk in baggy track pants, gloves and a beanie pulled down past his eyebrows like he's Eminem trudging across the Alaskan tundra. (And it's sunny and 60 degrees!)

He is undeterred, despite being told:

"You look like a rapist."

"You look like a homeless person."

"Please! Can't you put on some real pants??"

This would cause any reasonable woman to shudder, look the other way, maybe even walk a few feet ahead so passersby wouldn't think they're actually together.

But then he walks into the kitchen like this. And well hellllooo, what do we have here?

My favorite gray suit, a lavender shirt and navy tie. And, his Matt Lauer shoes. They're pointy. See?
I wish we had somewhere to go today. But I'm home with a cold and he's at the office. Jacket on and keys at the ready, he's dutifully checking email here:

That's my guy. Almost makes the rapist/homeless/Eminem experience bearable. Almost.

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