Thursday, March 4, 2010

BFFs, the next generation

My best friend in the whole world is Laura. I call her Laursie. We met waaay back in graduate school in Washington D.C. Back then I called her Boobs Bruno, because Bruno is her maiden name and she's a bit chesty.

Boobs Bruno and I used to be quite a pair. By day we were studious aspiring journalists. At night we danced on the bar.

What I remember best is how we hit it off immediately, and we were inseparable. Like a couple falling in love, we made plans for our future, like how one day we'd push our strollers together through the park.

But then I moved to California, and she to New Jersey. And that's where each of us has stayed.

But we are still dear friends. And now we both have daughters. They met last weekend. And guess what? They immediately hit it off.

What do you know, they both love princesses.

Natalie was happy to share her dress and Amelie was happy to be Natalie's living doll. Except when Natalie hugged her so hard and Amelie would say: "Don't pick up Amelie!" But Natalie can't help it. She loves Amelie just like I love her mama.

It was pretty wonderful seeing our girls together. I want them to be just like us. But maybe not the dancing on the bar.

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  1. That is so sweet!

    I discovered you from a comment you left over at Nie and You. Thought that I would pop by and visit. I'm so glad that I did. You have a great Blog here.

    You're granddaughter is just lovely!