Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Sing

Natalie gave a fantastic performance during her last Spring Sing at Children's Growing Center. Next year it's off to first grade. We are sad. But also quite happy because Natalie is a big girl now and Spring Sing is a kind of a drag.

It's a fundraising thing that involves an hours long auction and drawing. Normally we sit through this and get more and more agitated. But this year we were smart. We dropped Natalie off at her classroom and then met Natalie's dad at a neighborhood bar, arriving back at school for the tail end of the auction and Natalie's class performing "Wild Thing."

Natalie sang and danced and she was super cute in her zebra print skirt. My friend Jennifer said it was her Swan Sing.

Great job, Natalie!

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  1. i've been following for a little while after a friend sent me the link. we're both in our mid-20's, unmarried but starting to feel the itch and have been reading a couple of 'mom blogs.'

    your family is too cute. i taught english in taiwan for a year and natalie reminds me a lot of my babies. i fell in love with asia and the culture there. i hope you get to explore some of that with your family.

    congratulations on the wedding!