Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who's that?

Every morning I scan the TV news Web sites for any stories that mention the County of San Diego. Not the geographical locale, but the government entity - you know, my employer.

Yesterday I landed on KUSI and its lead story, which featured a still of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and Councilman Tony Young.

But I was interested in someone else. The guy in the back to the left. Who's that?

I looked closer and realized ...

It's my boyfriend!

Well how do you like that? Reminds me of a time when I was meeting Tony for lunch and I drove by the restaurant to see a man sitting outside. I craned to get a better look. He was cute. I looked again. He was my BF!

Yes, I look. Don't we all? My coworker Tammy says: It's like a cute handbag. How can you not look at it?

But isn't it awesome that the cute guy is him?


  1. And he's standing with another cutie. Hi Larry!

  2. I wouldn't mention any of this to your fiancé.
    Just sayin'.